Assistance on every level

Whether you are buying, renting or renting out a house, there is a lot of work to do. Additionally, when you own a home, there are also a lot of administration tasks that need to be taken care of. We will be able to advise you on all fronts. The language barrier is especially challenging for many people. That is why we offer specific services to people who want to emigrate to Spain and/or want to buy a house. For certain services we work together with local specialists and partners.

For example, the necessity to obtain a NIE (Numero de Identidad de Extranjero). This tax number is required if you decide to stay in Spain longer than 3 months and is also required if you purchase a home or car. A NIE is comparable to your local National Insurance number.

Key services

Are you considering purchasing a house in Jávea or on the Costa Blanca are you finding it challenging or impractical because you’re so far away. As soon as you have purchased a house or rented one for a longer period you can leave the keys with us. We offer various property services: from handing over the keys to family or friends to property maintenance, or making sure the house is ready pending your arrival in Spain. You can also outsource repairs and maintenance to us.

Help with translation

We offer translation support for things such as letters from the municipality, the Spanish tax authorities, and of course information regarding, for example, electricity, gas and water. Government institutions and companies will always communicate with you in Spanish. Have you not (yet) mastered the Spanish language? No worries: we can help you with the translations and can advise you on what to do or if any action is needed.

Another option consists of hiring a so-called “gestoria”, a company that can take care of all administrative matters for you. In Spain that is quite a normal and affordable solution.

Finance & Mortgages

In this regard, please think of all financial matters that come with the purchase of a property in Spain: from opening a bank account and the transfer itself, to transferring contracts into your name with the water and electricity companies and your tax affairs. We can help you with all these matters.

In addition, if required, we also assist our clients with applying for a mortgage here in Spain. For example, you might want to request different offers from different lenders and then compare them.

Internet & Television

Just like at home, you can simply take out a subscription to receive internet and television. Most emigrants or buyers of holiday homes would like to have their local TV stations as well. This requires a special package including tuner, or a CI-module (f.e. Sky or Canal Digital).

In areas where there is no cable, internet reception is possible via 3/4G or via satellite. This is a perfect solution as it is not much more expensive than cable. The new APP’s now have streaming capabilities allowing you to receive all local channels as well.

Pool maintenance

Your pool can be maintained at a reasonable cost with local supervision.  These services such as cleaning, replenishing the water, refilling chlorine or salt, and checking the pH values. This service is especially interesting if you visit the house infrequently, rent your home out or only visit the house a couple of weeks per year for holidays.

We’ll make sure that you can immediately dive into your pool when you arrive back in Spain.


Once you decide to purchase a home or emigrate you will require a number of insurance policies. If you want to rent out your purchased property, you will also want to take out liability insurance. Most of the insurances in Spain are available in English. We have also contacts within several local agencies who represent well known and trusted larger insurance companies such as Liberty Seguros, Caser (Achmea) or Nationale Nederlanden. In addition, we can help you to compare different policies with each other and to choose the policy that suits you best.


Have you decided to definitely move to Spain and do you want to take your furniture with you? No problem at all. We work together with two reputable UK moving companies who can collect your belongings and safely transport them to the Costa Blanca. Request a free quote.

Are you considering importing a car? This is of course possible, however you need to obtain a Spanish license plate within a defined period. Depending on your car that can be a complex situation as well as relatively expensive. We can provide support in this case. You can of course also consider buying a car in Spain, cars are relatively affordable in Spain. You can purchase a car in Spain as soon as you have your NIE. The car then has a Spanish license plate. For a standard car you will pay approximately €130 road taxes per annum. We can support you with the correct insurance for your car.

Medical care

Are you looking for medical assistance on the Costa Blanca? Depending on your healthcare coverage, the medical costs are often reimbursed by your insurance. Spain has good medical care and there are many hospitals on the Costa Blanca. Additionally, you can have access to English speaking physicians, specialists and dentists. Certainly in medical matters it is so nice to be helped in your own language. We’ll gladly to put you in touch with them or arrange an appointment for you.