Your local point of contact

Whether it is a new construction or a renovation project, people often do not fully understand the different ways of working in Spain. We all know that working together with a construction company can be very stressful due to the cultural differences and the distances, all create complications. One thing is certain: you clearly benefit from having a fully integrated yet multi-cultural local European taking care of your investment. We offer construction support for projects in Javea, Marina Alta and the Northern parts of the Costa Blanca.

Construction and other support are frequently under estimated, yet can save you from having many headaches. We speak the language, are fully up to speed on local legislation and work closely with expert construction companies. We are locally present to view and review developments on your behalf of the progress. This prevents you from encountering negative surprises when you occasionally visit from abroad to check progress yourself without local support. We bring our experience and local knowledge and support to make your dream becomes reality.

Many misunderstandings between the principal and local developers can easily be avoided through a clear work description, detailed verification of offers and active support and proactive control during the construction time. The companies we work with, have the correct insurances and guarantees. Of course you can choose your own contractors, it is all fine for us.

New construction

Are you considering building a house in Javea, Dénia, Moraira, Altea or one of the many other beautiful places along the Costa Blanca? With the new construction possibilities nowadays, the technical descriptions and construction drawings are mostly in good order. Still projects can end up different than envisioned. These people are usually disappointed with quality, design or the colors of the materials as these things often are not well described. We will be there to support you.

We take your interests and desires into account by conducting regular construction update reviews and by providing frequent updates to you as well. This is important as it makes the difference between getting a home versus getting the place of your dreams!

We offer, together with Bataille Living, authentic Mediterranean concepts for sale. These unique concepts offer potential buyers to buy their turnkey dream home in Javea. (Costa Blanca North) You can come with your suitcase on the day of delivery of the home at the notary and just stroll into the new place. We have it all prepared, the beds are made, the fridge is filled, and the lounge beds at the pool are equipped with towels. You can just jump into the pool, grab a drink and enjoy a Siesta that is the perfect start of your Spanish Dream. Do you want to know more? Click here

Large and small renovations

Are you considering making small adjustments or complete renovations to your home in Javea, Denia or another location along the Costa Blanca? Both small and large renovations are complicated processes, especially when it is not something that you have gone through before. The verification of construction drawings and technical descriptions is very important to realize a successful project.

Additionally, during constructions, adjustments are constantly made. Because of the physical distance it becomes very challenging if not impossible to get a full overview. Besides that, flying back and forth can become expensive and costs a lot of time and energy. Finally you need to ask yourself do I pose enough technical skills? Through our extensive expertise, local presence, determination as well as technical background and organization skills you can safely leave the entire process to us.

We locally verify whether all work is being conducted correctly and whether the set agreements are met. On your behalf, we can hold local meetings at the construction site. Also, to review the budget constantly and verifying the invoices. Additionally, we will regularly provide you with updated summaries, pictures and videos. With this approach, you are constantly kept aware of the development and your dream does end up in a nightmare.

Moving or even emigrating

Not only can we support you in finding a home, either to purchase or rent, we can also take care of many other things, from organizing the entire move to administrative matters, that you need to take care of when you arrive in Spain (NIE, local taxes etc).

Our services are fully comparable to a relocation service, often used by large corporations for their expat workers that move frequently across the planet.

Have you finally decided and are planning to emigrate and settle in the Northern part of the Costa Blanca? Congratulations! We can support you with the entire emigration process and make it a smooth and happy experience. The House Doctor Costa Blanca can also offer you tailor made solutions to support your emigration.