Property purchase support

We will first plan a face-to-face conversation via phone, Skype, FaceTime or we can meet at your hotel, any other preferred location at the Costa Blanca or at our place. During this intake conversation we will explain our way of working in more detail and we would also like to hear about your desires and dreams. We will share our real estate experiences and our passion for the Costa Blanca. It is very important that we receive your initial thoughts and input so that we can clearly map out all search requirements.

Because of the large distance, it is comfortable to have a local trusted resource on the Costa Blanca.

Property purchase support in Spain

Should the intake conversation take place in Spain we can arrange that at different places here on the Costa Blanca. We would like to welcome you to our home in Javea and show you the reformation and result that we were able to achieve, so you can get a clear insight into the level of quality we strive for. After the intake conversation has taken place, the next step is to visit the initial selection of properties. On our way to the viewing appointments we will share our experience, stories and get-to-know facts about the Costa Blanca and show you some of our favorite places in this area.
We have been scouting the area since 2011 and are always up to date on the latest constructions and availability of properties on the local real estate market. Because we work exclusively for our customers, we have no obligations towards any third parties, which fully works in your favor, as we are hired by the seekers/buyers. This is a pretty unique concept here on the Costa Blanca.

Legal support

We advise customers that want to purchase a property along the Costa Blanca to hire a lawyer (locally called a ‘gestor’) for the fiscal support.

Documents relating to the purchase of real estate are usually in Spanish and frequently contain complicated legal verbiage. A knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer will provide necessary support, we can introduce you to our trusted contacts, however you are of course free to hire your own specialists.

You are of course free to hire your own specialists, but we can introduce you to our trusted contacts.

Property purchase support, from A to Z

At HDCB you can fully count on personal support starting with the orientation phase going through to purchase and eventually ending up with full after care. What is the advantage of a local support agent? We know the market inside out and we will support you 24/7 with all our passion and energy, also in case of any unexpected challenges, we will be here for you.

The purchase process follows a different course depending on whether it is a new construction or existing house. A house from the 70’s without a swimming pool brings other challenges with it than just a new construction, according to the current rules and regulations. Nevertheless you can still encounter obstacles along the way as the interpretation of the design and the eventual deliverable look cannot be as expected. We are also on top of this during the process to prevent this.

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