House Doctor Costa Blanca

Our experience

We are fully aware from our own experiences that finding your dream house can consume a lot of time, effort and above all patience. Personally, we searched along the Costa Blanca (Marina Alta) for more than 3 years, which has allowed us to become very familiar with the area.

Sometimes the property was perfect for us, but then it suddenly turned out to be sold. Other times the asking price was too high or things were not as advertised. One thing we have learned is that searching for your dream home is a complex endeavour.

We have not regretted that it took us so long. We put our hearts and souls into renovating our dream home and we are still over the moon with the end result. We would be happy to show you around so that you can get an idea of the possibilities. Come and have a look!

Personal and independent

As independent advisors we support our customers throughout the entire house search process. We are not real estate agents and do not have building plots, houses or large projects in our portfolio. As such, we are not driven by the usual commissions, which is contrary to what the usual practice is here along the Costas. We only work for the customer and when we introduce you to certified partners and our local network it is only in your best interest.

Passion and expertise

In real estate, it is extremely important to take your time, evaluate all the options and then using common sense, make the right choices during the purchasing process. Before coming to us, many potential customers have already reviewed a lot of websites and they have some specific ideas about what they do and do not want. Yet there is usually always something missing, which where we can provide help. Should you consider our passion, knowledge and personal touch to be of interest to you, then you can rest assured that we will not disappoint you. Feel free to fill out the residential profile on our website and we will contact you afterwards.

Get in touch

Would you like to exchange ideas with us first? Any type of contact works for us: by Skype, telephone, e-mail and/or the contact form. Let us know what your wishes are and we will closely look at what is possible and what approach fits best for you. We have direct contact with trustworthy real estate agents in the region and also collaborate closely with experienced constructors and other necessary contacts. And last but not least, you can count on us 24/7, our personal touch!

We fulfil your dream by finding and delivering your unique home.