House Doctor Costa Blanca


Casa Kubinek – Benissa

Buying a property in Spain… who wouldn’t want that?! But then it begins, where on earth should you start, and what will come your way? Doubting whether to do it, a “foreign” country with laws and rules that you are completely unaware of, and then we haven’t even mentioned the underlying “tension” in your body of “what are we getting ourselves into?”.

Internet is pre-eminently the medium that will become a daily activity in the days of searching for homes, one home is even more beautiful than the other, and you soon come to the conclusion that what you see online, you actually really want to see in person. What is the condition of the house, and in what kind of environment is the house situated… You have to go to Spain to see this with your own eyes to be able to judge it… but how?!

So, searching for a real estate agent in Spain! The internet is also the perfect medium for this, but there are so many and all the sales-marketing pitches from companies to get you “in”. And you quickly start to wonder “who can I trust here”? Fortunately, we came into contact with “House Doctor Costa Blanca” through an acquaintance of ours, and we have not regretted it from the first minute! The enthusiasm of Annemarie and Ronald Maagdenberg and the personal touch, from the first meeting in a video call, were enough for both of us to enter into a relationship with “House Doctor Costa Blanca”! The expertise, personal drive and the accumulated experience of Annemarie and Ronald, in the purchase of homes, provides a feeling of total unburdening and confidence!

There is a lot involved in the purchase of a property in Spain from estate agent to lawyer and Notary, from applying for NIE numbers and to having to open a Spanish Bank Account, but without the help of “House Doctor Costa Blanca” and the implementation of the many activities “behind the scenes”, such as the intensive mutual contacts between real estate agent, lawyer and bank, for the purchase of the home we wanted, we could never have realized all this from the Netherlands!

We have visited many properties in the three viewing days that Ronald drove us around, and we found our dream home in Benissa, a real gem. And selected by “House Doctor Costa Blanca” through their ability to “feel” what would be a good fit for us and what would make us happy… and in that mission they have been more than successful!

The next step is the construction of a swimming pool, garden and fence at the house and for these steps we have found “House Doctor Costa Blanca” willing to support us as well in this with the coordination and supervision of the work of the architect, contractors and other businesses.

Annemarie and Ronald, thank you for your efforts and the success you achieved for us! Thank you!

Ineke and Dennis

Casa Batalla – Javea

Annemarie and Ronald of House Doctor Costa Blanca, form a reliable team for everything that has to do with living in the Costa Blanca.

Annemarie and Ronald are very customer-oriented and do everything they can to fulfil their client’s wishes. With them, you are more than a client, and their personal approach ensures trust and good results.

Thanks to them, we now live in a beautiful place in Javea. We heartily recommend them!

Desiree and Ron


Casa America

Annemarie and Ronald from the Costa Blanca House Doctor are true professionals. What stands out immediately is that the wishes of their client come first and not their own self-interest. This should be the norm and is a refreshing change of pace in Spain. The personal approach, the eye for detail, the involvement and their acquired knowledge and experience are indispensable.

The biggest value of HCDB is their sense of reality. We were under the illusion that we could have a house built on a purchased piece of land. After some calculations by the HCDB, we had to acknowledge that our budget could not handle such a project. At that moment, it was discouraging, but it has ensured that we could change our focus and we have since found a very nice house that fits within our means.

Annemarie and Ronald have in-depth knowledge of the local housing market. Both in terms of supply and the corresponding prices. The passion they bring with everything they do is self-evident. I give them a big 9.

Casa Lynn

We were referred to the House Doctor Costa Blanca through acquaintances. The first conversation was by telephone and it was an insightful and clarifying conversation; it immediately gave me a good feeling. We had already seen several houses on the internet and Ronald immediately began working with them. Within a few days we received extensive feedback about the houses they had found for us.

Once a number of houses were selected, we went to see Ronald and Annemarie in Spain. We were warmly received in their own home. This immediately gave us a good impression of Ronald and Annemarie personal tastes. We liked that very much, all the more because they would guide us further in the process of buying, renovating and designing our new house.

Annemarie and Ronald sent us a number of videos and we were very enthusiastic about them, including the description. Both immediately give you a good impression of the property.

We found it very pleasant that Ronald and Annemarie continued to guide us by arranging all the paperwork even after we had bought our house. The communication was very clear and the response was quick. We received a quick reply both by e-mail and by telephone. We experienced that as very pleasant.

The introduction trips were also very informative, fun and enjoyable! We are happy that we finally found our dream home in Jávea.

The rates that the House Doctor Costa Blanca uses are in line with the market and for their knowledge of the local housing market we give a 10. The partners and companies they work with are good, but sometimes they could act a bit faster, at times it took a long time to receive tenders. But perhaps that is because we are used to Dutch promptness.

We think Annemarie and Ronald are very customer-friendly. If we could give them a score, it would be a 10.

Ca La Pinada

For the purchase process for our house in the La Piñada project in Jávea, we called in the assistance of the House Doctor Costa Blanca.

We have been living in Spain for more than 9 years and speak the language. We also know the Spanish system fairly well. Yet we were convinced that we had to make this investment and in retrospect, we are very happy we did.

We had a great first impression on our first meeting with Ronald and Annemarie. We had made our wishes known and they had selected a number of houses and 2 houses immediately jumped out.

In the meantime, they also took the time to show us the area and explained all kinds of things. That was great and it was a very pleasant experience. What we particularly liked is that the discussions with Ronald and Annemarie took place at their home. It is nice to see how they have rebuilt their own house. They received us in a friendly manner but also gave a good and professional impression.

Furthermore, they were always available, 7 days a week. During construction, they proactively came up with ideas on points that could be improved. This meant that we had less to modify later. Their collaboration with the interior designer was great and that gave us a lot of confidence and peace.

Thanks in part to the efforts of Ronald and Annemarie, there is now a dream villa for us in Jávea, and we will undoubtedly enjoy it a lot.

We want to thank you very much and we are convinced that calling in the House Doctor Costa Blanca can lead to many benefits for every customer!

Ingeborg and Christiaan

Een dikke 10!

We are very satisfied with the service of House Doctor Costa Blanca. Besides the fact that Ronald and Annemarie are very hospitable and nice people, they also know a lot about the area and nothing is too much of an ask for them. Ronald has taken us to places which you would not readily visit on your own. He’s like a true Sherlock Holmes until he has just found that one finca or that remote house. He knows the potential of houses well and is very aware of the local market.

If you are looking for a nice spot on the Costa Blanca, we advise you to contact the House Doctor Costa Blanca!

Marcel and Chantal

Casa Blanca

Honest, precise and customer-oriented

Our experiences with Annemarie and Ronald have been very positive. We already knew each other, which is quite a risk when entering into a business relationship. But it all came together nicely, thanks to the very customer-oriented approach of Annemarie and Ronald.

Our strategy was to buy a property as an investment with the aim of mainly letting it to customers. Ronald prepared a small business case for us and when I look back now the achieved values ​​in terms of costs and revenues come very close. That is of course great and also shows how well Annemarie and Ronald know the market. The collaboration is and has been very pleasant at all times. The response is quick and adequate and the unavoidable challenges are addressed immediately and are resolved as quickly as possible. We had no experience whatsoever with the purchase and rental of a holiday home and hardly knew the area. But thanks to Annemarie and Ronald we now have a profitable property with satisfied customers.

Rating 10 out of 10.

Gwen and Ruud Weiss

Casa Toscana

After a 4 day in November 2018 to a beautiful B&B on the Montgo mountain in Javea, we too were immediately sold and wanted to immediately look for our own place. In March 2019 we visited for the second time and started our search. That was not easy. The housing market on the Costa Blanca is quite opaque (not to mention the few real estate agents ..) and to us, most asking prices didn’t seem to be at all in proportion to what was being offered. We started to wonder if we could ever find our dream home within our budget.

We came into contact with Ronald through someone who of new about his services. He told us about his way of working and we decided to continue our search together. Prior to our next visit, Ronald sent us a list of potential homes with photos and videos and made a list of homes we would like to view.

It turns out our dream home did exist: Casa Toscana, on top of a hill with a beautiful view, quietly situated 5 minutes from the beach, furnished and ready to move into! Even during the second viewing, we were still completely in love with it. Following Ronald’s advice, we were able to make a competitive offer that included the furniture and our dream came true (and well within budget ?).

Through Ronald, we also immediately hired a lawyer who has a practice in the Netherlands as well as Javea, to assist us legally with the purchase. Although we found the entire purchasing process quite exciting (we always expected “I am leaving” situations), everything went smoothly and rapidly, thanks to Ronald’s help and knowledge. Ronald also assisted us during and after the purchase.

We have already had a wonderful holiday in Javea and Annemarie will help us to make the interior of the house a bit more beautiful so that it will become even more unique. We have already been able to get a nice contract to rent out our house for next summer. That way, that Spanish dream will hopefully remain a bit affordable ?.

Conclusion: we are very satisfied with the services provided by HDCB and Ronald and Annemarie are also very nice people. We look forward to seeing them again on our next visit!

Claudia and Hans

Casa Los Angeles

After we bought a house through a real estate agent, it turned into a search for a reliable party to care of the renovation. We searched via social media and then ended up with Ronald and Annemarie.

What a relief. We thought that we already knew some of the ins and outs through the real estate agent, but in Spain things are often done differently than what we are used to. Ronald went to great lengths to get comparable offers from different contractors.

After an objective assessment and making a decision, Ronald put a lot of work into construction supervision. Through almost daily contact through app, email and especially through photos, we gained a good insight into the progress. Options and solutions were immediately offered for the insurmountable problems.

Not only Ronald’s architectural insight, his knowledge of the Spanish language, his enormous relationship network in both formal and architectural processes, but also his boundless energy and dedication made it a very pleasant accompaniment for us.

The house has been habitable for almost a year now, we enjoy it to the fullest and see Annemarie and Ronald with some regularity to enjoy this beautiful region in Spain together.

Fabienne and Huib

Un pedacito de cielo

If you’re not ill you don’t need a doctor, do you ?! And if you are looking for a house on the Costa Blanca and you have 15 years’ experience owning a private holiday home in Spain, then you don’t need the House Doctor, do you? Well, we know we did and haven’t regretted it for a second!

After we made the decision to permanently live near Jávea, we also decided that it might be wise to get some help with that. We had of course already visited the area and yes, we had already done quite a bit of homework. But we realized that it would not be an easy task to not only find the right house in the right location but also to buy it. The Spanish housing market and some real estate agents are sure to give you an ulcer, so we turned to the House Doctor….

We experienced getting to know and working with Ronald and Annemarie as very pleasant. They are professional and at the same time relaxed. And we received a very friendly welcome in their own home. They dedicated an ample amount of time for us and showed us both good and lesser locations. They also did a lot of work organising and supervising viewings. Their after-sales service is also very nice.

Of course, we had done our homework well and we knew exactly what we wanted (….).

Our advice: Let the House Doctor challenge your plans (and your budget ..) and be open to things that might not be on your spreadsheet. Perhaps because you forgot about them or because you didn’t know you wanted them…. And you may end up with a house and/or a location that you had not thought of. Possibly even better suited to how you envision living here ….

The latter is exactly what happened to us: We purchased a house that looks different and is in a different location than we initially indicated in our search. What happened is that during our search with the House Doctor, through the conversations and viewings, we came to a number of different insights. And this house meets all our wishes and is in a beautiful location. Made possible by the House Doctor!

We are very happy with our home and now enjoy living here. Thanks to Ronald and Annemarie.

Our conclusion: Surgery was more than successful and the patient is alive and kicking!

Matthijs and Sylvia

Casa El Joven – Moraira

We are Sylvia and Peter, aged 53 and 55, and we live in the province of Zeeland, the Netherlands.

During our search for a house in Moraira, the village that we fell in love with, we came across several real estate agencies. We have visited several offices but didn’t have a good feeling. Through googling we came into contact with the House Doctor Costa Blanca (Ronald and Annemarie Maagdenberg). After e-mailing a number of times, we then had several video call conversations. These conversations went great because they always managed to know what was needed.

During corona, it was very difficult to do everything in person but a solution was found for that. We gave our wish list to Ronald which he used to search his database. After several e-mails about different homes, and their plusses and minuses, the house that we ended up deciding to purchase appeared. Ronald then entered into a conversation with the selling broker and visited the home where he filmed everything and sent it to us.

In October we were able to visit the house in person together with Ronald. We quickly came to an agreement. Ronald and Annemarie have helped us tremendously with everything from a lawyer who spoke our language, to the painter, but also with installing new air conditioning, renovating the kitchen, etc. They also know many nice places to shop for the interior.

In a word, all-encompassing UNBURDENING. We would also like to recommend everyone to contact the House Doctor Costa Blanca for INDEPENDENT advice.

Sylvia and Peter

Casa MontgoPalms – Javea

We can put it simply: without Ronald and Annemarie we would probably still be in the Netherlands looking for a house in Spain. Without the local knowledge, the preparatory work, hospitality, Ronald and Annemarie’s sense of humor, buying a house would probably have been a considerable challenge for us. In addition, they have a large network of people and companies that we were able to use during and after our purchase.

Invaluable to us, because buying a house in Spain is one thing, but who should you hire to do your renovation? Who will maintain your pool? How do you deal with permit applications? etc. All of this saves a lot of headaches because their existing network has a proven track record of all parties doing a great job.

And so, exactly 4 months after our initial contact, there we were feeling good with Ronald and Annemarie in Dénia (or Jávea if we feel like it). In hindsight, what would we do differently? Nothing!

Is working with Ronald and Annemarie recommended if you have plans to buy real estate on the Costa Blanca? Yes!

Enrique & Anamaria

MontgoPalms is also available for holiday let. You can book your next holiday through their website:

Geweldige ondersteuning bij aankoop woning in Javea

In 2022, we engaged the services of House Doctor Costa Blanca when purchasing our home in Javea. And we cannot emphasize enough how extremely satisfied we are with their service.

From the very beginning until the key transfer, they have proven themselves as reliable and highly competent partners. One of the biggest advantages, in addition to their help in finding a suitable home, was their extensive guidance in making agreements with the bank, notary, and lawyers.

They took all the complexity out of the process and made sure everything went smoothly. Their expertise and local knowledge were invaluable, allowing us to fully concentrate on the exciting prospect of owning our dream home.

What sets House Doctor Costa Blanca apart is their dedication and customer service. They went above and beyond expectations by arranging the property purchase process of our home, which meant we didn’t have to fly to Spain. We greatly appreciated this proactive approach and the willingness to make an extra effort to unburden their clients.

In short, if you are looking for a reliable partner who is not only professional but also adds a personal touch, we highly recommend House Doctor Costa Blanca.

Thank you, Ronald and Annemarie, for making our dream possible! We are very grateful for your excellent service.

Onno and Petra

Appartement Casobel – Javea

We became enthusiastic about Jávea because our family has a house there. During a birthday party, the possibility of buying an apartment in Jávea came up again, and we decided to start looking around. This is how we came into contact with Ronald and Annemarie from House Doctor Costa Blanca.

We spoke via FaceTime in which Annemarie and Ronald explained how the process would work and what support they offer, including in this exploratory phase (when it was not yet certain whether we would actually buy something). After seeing several potential apartments on the internet and considering the insights and experiences of Ronald and Annemarie, we knew that we wanted to buy a newly built apartment within walking distance of restaurants and the beach.

Ronald found the Essential project in which our wishes came together. During construction and delivery, we had frequent contact via telephone or Facetime. They also regularly sent videos so that we could follow the construction from a distance, and they were there for us with advice and assistance when we were in Jávea for a brief period. Their knowledge of the Spanish system and (technical construction) insight ensured that we knew what we were getting into, so we didn’t have any unpleasant surprises. The combination of this knowledge and the pleasant approach is why we highly recommend House Doctor Costa Blanca to potential (Dutch) buyers.

Edwin and Carlijn

I came into contact with House Doctor Costa Blanca through a mutual relationship. I had bought a house in Moraira that needed to be completely renovated, and House Doctor Costa Blanca supervised the renovation from start to finish. Their approach was very professional, and the final result was fantastic.

As there is a shortage of large luxury holiday homes in Moraira, I started looking for investment projects. I again used the services of House Doctor Costa Blanca to search their network for suitable villas and detailed information about properties that I found interesting. Finally, we went to view several villas, and after a few visits, I became the proud owner of two luxury villas. These villas are doing very well being rented out to holidaymakers and groups for workations, retreats, etc.
I got to know Annemarie and Ronald as two passionate professionals for whom no effort is too big.

They have a lot of expertise and experience, both architecturally and legally, and they also have an extensive network. This network is very valuable if you are looking for a home here on the Costa Blanca. And last but not least, Annemarie and Ronald are two very nice people. I highly recommend their services.