House Doctor Costa Blanca

Purchasing in Spain: don’t do it on your own

It all started with an online search. John and Karin wanted to buy a house in Spain. They were looking for a holiday home on the Costa Blanca, which they themselves wanted to live in for several months a year. Once they found that, they decided to invest in real estate in Jávea. They found a villa and an apartment, with the help of the House Doctor Costa Blanca. “You should never do this alone. It’s not possible in Spain.”

They discovered that buying a house remotely is not that easy. Especially if you don’t speak the Spanish language. That is why John and Karin decided to turn to purchase support on the Costa Blanca. It didn’t take long for them to find the House Doctor Costa Blanca. Ronald sometimes went to view a house and then would send a video and photos. This allowed us to have a good impression of the house from the Netherlands. Ronald’s insight and opinion were especially helpful. Even, when at times, we became very enthusiastic, he remained critical and let us know whether a house was suitable or not. “There were properties where the foundation turned out to be faulty or where the walls were full of damp spots. Some houses eventually turned out to have already been sold and the real estate agents just hadn’t removed the property from their website. This made the search from the Netherlands difficult.[vc_single_image image=”6754″]Traveling to Spain

It saved John and Karin a lot of hassle, time, and especially a lot of travel. “At some point, you will realise that there are several houses that really are interesting at which point you’ll go to Spain to see them for yourself. Often both the house and location did turn out to be what we imagined, due to Ronald’s pre-information. ”

Could you purchase a house or a holiday home on your own on the Costa Blanca in Spain? John is clear about this. “It is a waste of your time. There are an incredible number of houses and holiday homes for sale, the majority of which are not interesting. Before you know it, you are making the wrong decision. “Not only is purchasing different than in the Netherlands.” He explains: “that buying a house in Spain involves a whole lot of paperwork which in the Netherlands we aren’t used to. You need a lawyer to avoid problems. Sometimes, for example, there is still a mortgage on a house or outstanding debts. Without a lawyer, you may only discover this after you’ve already signed, but by then it is too late and that is your responsibility.”[vc_single_image image=”6752″]

Clear, precise and always available

Ronald and Annemarie also take care of many things that, for example, a real estate agent would never do, says John. “A realtor will often follow a protocol. He’ll walk through a house with you a few times and give you some advice. But once the sale is done, they often don’t have any more time for you. With Ronald and Annemarie it is a very different experience.” John and Karin also wanted to do quite a large renovations on their villa in Jávea. The House Doctor Costa Blanca took care of the construction supervision in its entirety. He made sure John and Karin were kept informed of the renovation and went by daily to see if the work went according to plan. “Ronald is clear and precise. Also, he always immediately answers the phone. If we hadn’t had his help, a lot could have gone wrong.” Because the Spanish approach to a renovation is different, says John. “Sometimes it gets a bit sloppy and bungled and we are not used to that. You don’t want things installed where they shouldn’t have been.”

Annemarie assisted in the interior design of the villa and the apartment in Jávea. “My wife likes to shop. But despite that, it was very convenient to have someone with you, who is local, who speaks the language and who can think with you about the interior. “Annemarie negotiated and was present when the items were delivered. She also made sure that things were already assembled.

John and Karin were able to enter their house almost immediately when it was finished. Is there nothing negative to report about the House Doctor Costa Blanca? John laughs. “No, I really can’t think of anything.” Though he is worried that many people will use the services of Ronald and Annemarie because they are so pleasant to work with. “As long as they don’t get too busy. I hope they will always be able to provide that personal attention that they gave us and that we still receive from them.”