House Doctor Costa Blanca

Holiday home under the sun, we’ll find your dream place on the Costa Blanca

Buying a house is always a big step. Especially, if you decide to do that abroad. However, now is the perfect time to take that leap. In Spain, mortgage interest rates are low as well. And since the market has been picking up again, the current supply of houses is high. So what are you waiting for?

In recent years many Spanish homeowners have held on to their properties longer due to low housing prices. Now that they see that prices are rising, and with that an influx of available homes, they’ve started offering their houses again. Many house prices are almost at the same level as before the financial crisis on the Costa Blanca. And the holiday rental market is also picking up.[vc_single_image image=”6263″]Not only do we search for homes for our clients through real estate agencies, but we also have a large network. It’s not unusual for us that when we are looking for a specific property, such as a location for a Bed and Breakfast, that we get a hot tip from someone in our network who wants to sell their house or apartment at just that moment. We also have good relationships with project developers who sometimes inform us a little earlier about upcoming house listings, so that we can present them to our clients well before they officially get offered for sale.

Looking for houses on the Costa Blanca is intensive and time-consuming because there is so much for sale. And sometimes the online properties are no longer available even though they are still listed. There are also homes being offered in what is called a “silent sale”. We have a clear picture of ​​what is being offered. We also know where to go to purchase a plot if you want to build yourself and can help you with this as well from start to finish, from the construction or renovation to the landscaping of your garden.[vc_single_image image=”6255″]According to the official rules you have to bring a lot of your own money to be able to buy a home in Spain, approximately 30% of the purchase price. Yet experience has taught us that every situation is unique and handled differently. For example, it may be that different mortgage rules apply to an apartment than to a Finca (a traditional rural Spanish farm). In Spain, too, interest rates are low and banks are once again willing to provide mortgages. Because we offer property purchasing support for our clients, we have developed good relationships with mortgage lenders and intermediaries at the local banks.

If clients don’t live in Spain, we often make the first contact by telephone or schedule a more extensive conversation via Skype, WhatsApp video or Facetime. During that conversation, we get acquainted and often discuss an initial scan of the market. We explain what we can do for our clients and how we can unburden them.[vc_single_image image=”6265″]Of course, you can also look for the perfect dream house under the sun yourself. Clients always let us know how they’ve experienced working with us. A purchasing advisor costs money, but the invested time is often disproportioned to the money spent. We’ve managed to turn our hobby into our work and love what we do. A few years ago we also decided to permanently move to the Costa Blanca, so we can speak from experience. Through both the positive and negative experiences we encountered, we’ve learned about what one needs and how you can help others find their dream home.

Just like treasure hunters, we scour the Costa Blanca for apartments, authentic Fincas in the countryside or a suitable place for a quaint Bed and Breakfast. We know who to work with and with whom not to. And if you want to let your home, we can also advise you on this. We know several experts who you can approach to apply for the required rental permit or insurance.Come and have a look at this region of Spain. Be seduced by the charming villages and towns. The Costa Blanca is known by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a very healthy region. It is not too hot in summer and not that cold in winter. We’d also be delighted to show you around the area if you’re not yet clear about exactly where you want to live and enjoy your dream house. We’re very familiar with the region and nearly everyone who has visited here has fallen in love, if only somewhat, with the Costa Blanca.