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Blossom trails on the Costa Blanca

[vc_single_image image=”6698″]From the moment the wonderful blossom fragrance starts permeating the air, you know that the Spanish spring has sprung. On the Costa Blanca, the blossom season makes for beautiful pictures that beckon you to go out and celebrate spring!

With a bit of luck, you can enjoy the almond blossom, which leaves a coat of white petals on the Costa Blanca, from the end of January. It is clear why this is called the “White Coast”. The most famous place to observe the natural beauty in the area is the Jalón Valley, just a little inland from the coast in the north of Alicante province. The green valley, also called the Vall de Pop, extends over an area of ​​about 30 kilometers and is sandwiched between the hills and mountains.

The almond blossom can be admired until about mid-March. It is worthwhile to combine a visit to the valley with a stop one of the attractive villages such as Acalalí, Parcent, Murla, or Jalón.[vc_single_image image=”6696″]The valley’s fertile soil is not only good for the almond trees, but also for citrus trees and olive groves (towards Castell de Castells), which you will find here in abundance. It is also a wonderful place for the grape. Previously, the valley mainly produced sweeter wines such as Moscatel, but nowadays they also produce drier wines and cava. Naturally, you can also enjoy extensive wine tasting in the area.

The growth and flowering in the Jalón Valley are further enhanced by the microclimate that is so typical of the Costa Blanca: according to World Health Organization WHO, this environment, with its mild summers and relatively warm seawater, has the healthiest climate in Europe.

Those who would like to again enjoy blossoms on the Costa Blanca later in the year will certainly enjoy the Vall de Gallinera, where the cherry trees are in bloom between March and June. At this time of the year, the “8 Villages Route” is very popular among hikers. The entire route is sixteen kilometers long, but you can also walk a part of it. The route starts at Font de la Mata in Benirrama and directions are well signposted.[vc_single_image image=”6694″]For the most exuberant orange blossom in Spain, you have to go just outside the Costa Blanca. The Costa del Azahar belongs to the provinces of Castellón and Valencia and takes its name from the fragrant orange blossom (azahar is a popular ingredient for perfumes for a reason!). The best time of year to visit this coast is, again, spring. The trees are in full bloom in April and May.
Would you like to go a bit further for beautiful Spanish blossom? Then make sure to visit the Jerte Valley in Extremadura in March. The pass between the towns of Plasencia and Puerto de Tornavacas is beautiful, and you can cool off in the natural pools along the way. As a reward, you also get a beautiful view over a valley with tens of thousands of cherry trees in white blossom. Don’t forget your camera!

As a tourist, you can follow these blossom trails. But certainly, as a resident of the Costa Blanca, you get to experience it all and throughout the year you’ll see how the landscape keeps changing. Would you want to move to Spain, emigrate, or are you looking for a permanent holiday home in Jávea or anywhere else on the Costa Blanca, then feel free to contact us. We have a good understanding of ​​the real estate on offer here and can assist you with property purchase support and construction management on the Costa Blanca. Hope to see you soon!