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The Costa Blanca: the healthiest place in Europe!

Summer is just around the corner and everyone is making plenty of plans for that long-awaited summer vacation. Sun, (the Mediterranean) sea, beach, and pleasant temperatures are of course key ingredients. Enjoying the outdoors, good food and a good glass of wine, relaxing and enjoying each other. In that respect, the Costa Blanca scores well. Moreover, the area has been declared the healthiest place in Europe by the World Health Organization (WHO) several times.

The 300 days of yearly sunshine and an average temperature of 18ºC undoubtedly contribute to this. Mild winters and summers that aren’t too hot: wonderful! The Costa Blanca enjoys a microclimate due to the long mountain range in the hinterland between Murcia and Denia. The mountain tops have an altitude of 1,000-1,500 meters above sea level. The mountains, which together form a kind of basin, act as a buffer for the weather influences from both Spain’s interior and the sea.

Less of what ails you

The climate makes the Costa Blanca particularly suitable for people with respiratory problems, allergies, asthma or skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. People with rheumatism or other muscle or joint complaints generally feel much better here.

Moreover, the Spaniards live a healthy lifestyle and have the highest life expectancy in Europe. This is partly due to the pleasant climate, but also due to the food they consume. The Mediterranean diet consists of a lot of fish, olive oil, nuts, vegetables, legumes and fruit, and contains fewer fats, so cardiovascular diseases occur less frequently here. There is relatively little meat, dairy or potatoes on the menu.


And then, of course, the siësta, that delicious Spanish afternoon nap. Which nowadays (unfortunately!) is no longer as sacred as before, even though enjoying a moment of rest after the usually heavy lunch is definitely a good idea for your health. The fact that the most important meal of the day takes place in the afternoon and not in the evening, contributes to better health as well.

Upon completion of a twenty-year study, medical journal “The Lancet”, recently named Spain as the healthiest country in the European Union. The average longevity for Spaniards is 81.4 years (compared to 80.6 years for the Dutch). On average they also maintain good health longer compared to the Dutch (70.9 and 69.1 years respectively) and suffer less from ailments, illnesses or other age related deficits. ¡Viva España!

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