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Blossom trails on the Costa Blanca

Close up of almond blossom photographed by property purchase support and construction management on the Costa Blanca

[vc_single_image image=”6698″]From the moment the wonderful blossom fragrance starts permeating the air, you know that the Spanish spring has sprung. On the Costa Blanca, the blossom season makes for beautiful pictures that beckon you to go out and celebrate spring! With a bit of luck, you can enjoy the almond blossom, which leaves a coat […]

Purchasing in Spain: don’t do it on your own

Terrace Home purchasing in Spain Javea

It all started with an online search. John and Karin wanted to buy a house in Spain. They were looking for a holiday home on the Costa Blanca, which they themselves wanted to live in for several months a year. Once they found that, they decided to invest in real estate in Jávea. They found […]

Buying a house in Spain

Over the years we’ve gained a lot of experience in advising how to go about buying houses in Spain. At Spanjeplein, we join forces with other experts from the region. Ilonka Dekker of Lex Foris is part of this as well. In this blog, she explains what you should pay attention to when buying a […]

Purchasing an investment property in Spain

investment property in Spain with pool during sunset

We all want to achieve a good return on our investments. But have you ever thought about investing in a property in Spain? Due to the growth of the Spanish economy, Northern European investors consider purchasing an investment property in Spain, specifically on the Costa Blanca, more and more as one of the best investment […]

It’s impossible to do without local help

We’ve all seen those television programs about people who go abroad with a dream of opening a Bed & Breakfast. And no matter how much these couples want it to succeed, there are a lot of things that go wrong. Carlijn and Yalcin also had this dream, but they decided to ask for help. The […]

The Spanish way of doing business

Mañana mañana. You don’t have to speak Spanish very well to understand what it means. To Spaniards, this literally means this: we’ll get to it tomorrow. You can usually count on it taking even longer. So, is doing business in Spain a drag? Certainly, not! We enjoy it. Because once you know the tricks of […]

How to buy a house in Spain without the headache

– About the rules concerning latent defects – Finally, you’ve just gotten the key to your new home! Everything seems to be in order, but then suddenly you find yourself dealing with a leak in the bathroom due to drain or sewer system problems. While you still may be able to laugh about such misfortunes […]

The Costa Blanca: the healthiest place in Europe!

beach in javea costa blanca

Summer is just around the corner and everyone is making plenty of plans for that long-awaited summer vacation. Sun, (the Mediterranean) sea, beach, and pleasant temperatures are of course key ingredients. Enjoying the outdoors, good food and a good glass of wine, relaxing and enjoying each other. In that respect, the Costa Blanca scores well. […]